Quit smoking weed

What you need to know about weed and why you should quit

The use of Cannabis has been and the controversies are rampant in many countries. There has been series of debates whether the government should legalize the use of Marijuana for medical purposes. However, Different sectors have presented the pros and cons of this decision. Hence, if you think about it, if it is really beneficial according to their proves, then why does a lot of people still strongly oppose for this bill to come through?

Some medical practitioners claim that medical marijuana can help patients overcome pain that they are feeling from an underlying disease, and help deal with seizures. However, aside from that there are a lot of loopholes that need to be dealt with especially when pain can be claimed subjectively. Those who oppose with the legalization of the use of Cannabis have enumerated the most concerning negative effects of the plant to a person’s well-being which seems to be predominant.

How does weed damage your system?

The brain as well as the organ systems of the body are interconnected -one leads to the other. All that is felt by the body is conveyed towards the brain, and all reaction designated by the brain are forwarded to the body. So when one system is affected in some way, there is a domino of effects in the whole body considering the fact that brain is the operating system of the body.

Weed affects both the brain and the body but has greater effect on the brain system. Why? Because it targets the neurons and blocks messages towards the brain that enables the numbing feeling which is what people are craving for.

Loss of Memory

There is an ingredient of weed that alters the formation of memories in the brain. Scientists say that it blocks the creation of memory that is why weed user always feel groggy and seem to be knocked out of reality. Research have also shown that the younger a person is, the more susceptible he is from this effect which can take a toll on his developing brain. This is also why people who started using weed young have more tendency of developing brain damage in adulthood. 


Have you ever seen someone who is under the influence of Marijuana? You may notice how disoriented and clumsy they are. That is because the plant also affects the part of the brain that is used for balance regulation and coordination. Just like drinking and driving, people who are under the influence of weed are advised never to drive.


Weed can also cause anxiety and fear after the hype has come off. This leads to depression, especially when the supply instantly stopped after long term use. When quitting weed, there is a guide program on how to effectively stop while coping up with negative feelings of depression.


When depression hits a person hard, it leads to psychosis. The severity of this effects leads to hallucinations and delusions. Some people who become dependent on weed has high probability of increasing dosage which may result to psychosis.

What are the benefits of quitting weed?
  •  It Improve Memory: Quitting weed in early stage will slowly generate the cells needed for memory formation. In time, a person’s memory will improve since there will be no factors to create disorientation of reality. This will also result to better concentration on what is in the present.
  • Increase of Energy: Weed tends to make the person feel high and floating. That is why they just take their time doing leisure or nothing at all for a long period of time. When they quit weed and get it out of their system, they will finally recharge their body and get their body’s energy back.
  • It Saves Money: Marijuana is not cheap. There are different strains that also comes in different prices. If you decided to use weed, you will be spending more of your money for that feeling of unfeeling and when you get addicted with no money, you will probably get in trouble. Once you quit, you will be able save your money for the betterment of yourself.
  • It Helps To Avoid Depression: Once a person stops, he or she will start to crave for it. This leads to feeling anxiety and depression altogether. However, if he gets the hang of it with the right guidance program, he will be able to also get rid of the negative feelings in time. It is better to avoid weed at all cost so as to avoid having these probability of ever coming up.
  • More Time: The time spent in leisurely doing nothing due to loss of interest and feeling high can be retrieved once your quit weed. Once you get a grasp of reality again, you will be able to organize your thoughts and plan ahead of time for future events and activities.
  • Overall Well-Being: Quitting weed basically improves your overall health. If you are referring to symptoms of underlying issues then there are other options in dealing with them, and you can always ask for advice from your doctor. However, if you are just taking weed for the sake of good feeling, then you should be wary of its negative effects.

If you have decided to quit weed, you should read this article.

Quit smoking weed
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