Why You Sweat During Cannabis Withdrawal

Cause and Explanation!

The rumor that cannabis is not addictive and cannot lead to physical dependence is unfortunately entirely false! Physical dependence becomes apparent when someone sweats, struggles with stomach problems, or experiences other physical withdrawal symptoms.

1.Why do you sweat when you stop smoking?

Sweating during cannabis withdrawal occurs due to the elimination of substances that the body does not want in the system. Additionally, internal stress, present for several days or even weeks after quitting, contributes to sweating. Once the body adjusts to the metabolic change and adapts to the new situation, sweating subsides.

2. Sweat Production Due to Lack of THC

We observe this in 99% of all members of our community. As soon as you quit with the help of the detox program, nightly sweating starts, and it can be overwhelming. But why does the body react so intensely?

Well, it’s quite simple: Your body has been receiving cannabinoids and other toxins from external sources, in quantities it could never produce on its own. When you suddenly quit, your body lacks something, initiating the metabolic shift.

The body’s own anandamide wants to regain control over everyday functions like sleep, mood, appetite, and many more. THC has replaced this cannabinoid. Your body understands this and attempts to eliminate the existing THC and other by-products from your system.

This is why you might sweat a lot, especially at night. The body is in a state of rest, working at full speed to regulate everything and restore balance.


3. Internal Stress During Withdrawal

Persistent smokers who have just started withdrawal don’t only sweat at night; unfortunately, it happens during the day as well, sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker. This is not only due to the elimination of toxins but also because of the stress, which is significant in the first few days. In stressful or threatening situations, the body releases stress hormones abundantly. And the first few days are anything but easy and normal.

The new situation, changes in your own body feeling, and many other things are no longer the same as before withdrawal. Everything is changing, causing a constant stress response. But here’s the reassurance: everything will eventually settle down by the end of the coping phase, and you won’t need to change clothes three times a day anymore.

Perhaps, an explanation for the end: Stress triggers the release of stress hormones. This activates the nerves that control sweat production, signaling the glands via the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to produce sweat.

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4. Why Do I Smell Different Suddenly?

Sweat is actually odorless and consists of 99% water and only a tiny salt content. However, sweat smells unpleasant. Why is that?

The answer is relatively simple. When sweat meets the skin, bacteria try to replace the cooling sweat. This process creates acids that trigger the unpleasant odor.

In our community, it’s often asked with amazement why one suddenly smells different. While we know our own sweat smell, during cannabis withdrawal, it’s distinctly different. This is because the body is sweating out substances it no longer wants.

These additional substances, in short, alter the smell of sweat. But there’s no need to worry. Once the body completes the metabolic adjustment and sweats out everything, your sweat will smell just like before!

5. Conclusion on Sweating During Cannabis Withdrawal

Sweating is a vital function for our body. It protects against overheating and regulates stress. During cannabis withdrawal, the body ensures the elimination of everything that shouldn’t be there. Additionally, we sweat because we are constantly stressed in the first and second phases. In combination with the eliminated substances, our sweat smells more unpleasant and strange than usual. But you don’t have to worry that something is wrong with you. The problem will resolve at the latest after the second phase.

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